Day 7 – Bale Mountain Lodge & Addis Ababa

After a sad farewell to Bale Mountain Lodge, we set off with high hopes of encountering the elusive Ethiopian wolf. We were driving in convoy and the first car were lucky to see one but by the time the rest of us caught up he had disappeared out of view. Despite the wolves not showing willing, the drive through the plateau was still fascinating with us all being blown away by the incredible lunar-type landscape.

Giant Loblias on the Sanetti Plateau

Most guests coming to Bale Mountain Lodge would stop off for the night at the Rift Valley lakes. Although it is a slightly longer route, we decided to do this on the way back to Addis to give the group an idea of what their clients could see along the way. Although the drive is long, it is very comfortable as the road is excellent and the constantly changing scenery outside provides great entertainment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 14.09.59

We stopped at Sabena lodge for lunch and we quickly realized why this area is known as birder paradise. The air was full of birdsong with so many different types of birds flying all around our heads.

Sabena Lodge

After a few more hours back in the car we continued our journey with the odd goat, cow or donkey playing Russian roulette and deciding to cross the road in front of us.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 14.11.32

The trip culminated in a drinks party hosted by Kibran and then an evening enjoying the incredible Ethiopian jazz.

Ethiopian jazz band

Whilst I only joined the group for the last few days of their trip, it was evident that, like me, they had fallen under Ethiopia’s spell. The awe-inspiring scenery ladened with mind blowing historical treasures, the beautiful, friendly people and unique, endemic birds and animals had worked their magic….Ethiopia had successfully recruited 9 more massive fans!

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa

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