Day 4 – Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa and Addis Ababa

After a huge breakfast of fresh fruit platter, waffles and croissants, I rolled down to the beach to have another go at SUP. Fortunately the sea was completely flat which made it much easier and I became able to go both with and against the current.


The activity-filled morning continued with me taking one of the hotel’s ‘beach bikes’ for a ride. These are the coolest looking bikes that are especially designed to be used on the beach. One advantage of Zanzibar being so tidal is that when the tide goes out, the sand on the beach is firm enough to cycle on. I loved zooming down the beach greeting everyone with ‘Jambo’ and getting to see beach life….the old ladies digging for razor crabs in the sand, the coolest looking Masai beach boys, the tourists lounging in the turquoise waters and the kids running around playing whilst their mum’s harvested seaweed.


Unfortunately my afternoon flight to Ethiopia cut my adventure short and after a delicious prawn salad lunch, I packed up and was ready to leave ZWS….but not before I’d had one last whizz through the gardens on my bike!

The 3 hour direct flight to Addis passed smoothly and Guy from Bale Mountain Lodge was there to greet me and treated me to a traditional local meal in Addis…..burger and fries washed down with beer! At least the beer was local!

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