Day 7 – Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

Awaking at Zanzibar White Sand the room was bathed in white light and I remembered that we were now on our island paradise for the last few days of the fam trip.

2014-06-20 12.37.28

Zanzibar White Sand is the brain child of Polish business man Andre Niznik.   He is a kite surfing fanatic and fell in love with Zanzibar and Paje Beach whilst on holiday with his family.   ZWS is a real family project and fortunately for him they are all highly talented! Natalia oversees the Marketing and reservations, his son has set up all the wifi and computer system (there is wifi in every villa) and his partner has done a fantastic job with all the interior decorating.

ZWS lounge room

My stunning 2 story villa was one of 11 unique villas designed by renowned architect Neil Rocher. Five 1-bedroom villas, five 2-bedroom villas and one 3-bedroom villa spread over 4 hectares of tropical garden which when fully grown will provide complete verdant seclusion.

2014-06-19 12.09.45 2014-06-19 10.40.07 2014-06-19 15.28.53

The luxury villas each have two units connected by an exotic rainbow bougainvillea strewn garden with a terrace, private swimming-pool and outdoor bathtub. In each distinctive villa one unit is composed of the white airy bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet while the other includes the kitchen, dining room and lounge.

2014-06-19 12.26.102014-06-20 12.33.27

Following a substantial breakfast of tropical fruit, pancakes and then for some full English breakfast we were given the morning to explore our stunning surroundings and unwind with a fabulous massage in the hotel’s luxurious spa.

zws spa

Nestled among its own lush gardens two thai style massage rooms, a steam room, sauna and tropical seating area provide ultimate pampering and relaxation by a soothing waterfall.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a tour of the newly built property taking in a few of the behind-the-scenes delights including the carpentry workshop where the buildings timber frames and amazing curved timber roves were created by especially trained locals as well as much of the furniture which going forward will be available for purchase and shipment abroad and the well-tended vegetables gardens teaming with pumpkins, sweetcorn, tomatoes, courgettes and every imaginable herb.

2014-06-19 16.01.27

That evening the manager had decided to really spoil us with a trip out to a secluded beach where best to watch the the truly dramatic sunset whilst enjoying delicious sundowners as well as the most beautifully presented selection of canapes.

2014-06-19 18.02.13 2014-06-19 18.01.32 2014-06-19 20.51.49

Dinner followed back at the property where the roof of the main building, and the best viewing spot for miles around, had been decked out for a sumptuous degustation 6 course dinner party allowing the chefs to show off their most delicious creations.  A truly fitting last evening in paradise.

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