Day 5 – Enasoit, Laikipia

The next morning having each enjoyed tea or coffee on our individual verandahs overlooking the already teaming waterhole we meandered over to the mess area to be greated by no less than Aargi the orphaned cheetah….

enasoit aargi enasoit aargi 3 enasoit  aargi

…Mabel the resident ostrich….

enasoit mabel

….and Ziggy the bad tempered zebra.  All of whom are a much loved part of the Enasoit family!

2014-06-19 10.49.13

Introductions over we set off with Peter to enjoy a fantastic morning’s walking safari into the foothills of Mount Kenya.  Peter timed our excursion perfectly with welcome rests combined with descriptions of the fascinating flora and fauna around us.

enasoit walk 3 enasoit walk 2

The view back over Enasoit from the top of our first mountain was reward enough for our exertion but then it got even better when combined with viewings of elephants and their calves on our more gentle descent down the far side.

Our activities didn’t end there.  On our return having showered (under the biggest and most powerful showerheads we encountered on our travels) we then divided into 2 parties, some deciding to unwind with a fabulous massage looking out over the waterhole…

enasoit massage

…and others plumping for a leisurely horse ride to the pool house where we all convened for lunch.

enasoit riding

A 5 minute drive, 20 minute horse ride or 30 minute stroll from the main camp, the pool house is nestled amongst verdant gardens which a myriad of birds have made their home.  Making a fantastic contrast to the main camp, the pool house provides 2 additional cottages and a main camp area located around a refreshing pool and deck complete with resident warthogs.

enasoit warthogs

This would provide an excellent add-on to the central safari experience, a secluded base for honeymooners or even a get-away for older children.  Having enjoyed lunch in the main pool house we then spent a leisurely afternoon by the pool enjoying the sights and sounds of this Eden-like retreat.

enasoit poolhouse enasoit poolhouse 2

Peter pulled out all the stops for our second evening with a night game drive. For the first time on our entire fam trip 7 of us sat in complete silence for well over an hour whilst we enjoyed the night sky and sounds of the wild whilst awaiting the pièce de résistance, a sighting of lions in their nocturnal environment, playing, hunting and eating jaw-dropingly close to our own open-sided game vehicle.


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