Day 4 – Naibor, Masai Mara & Enasoit, Laikipia

After an early morning  wake up call we ventured out on a morning game drive and to enjoy a picnic breakfast.

naibor sunrisenaibor guide

The previous night’s entertainment had rendered not all fam trip guests able to bounce out of bed for the 6am start but those of us who rather smugly did were treated to a meeting with the resident Notch pride of lions living close by.  Lipstick was a personal favourite so named because of the black markings around his mouth.

naibor lion lipstick

Sadly our afternoon Youth Aviation helicopter transfer from nearby Ol Kiombo airstrip up to Enasoit in Laikipia had to abandoned due to bad weather in Nairobi but fortunately they efficiently adjusted plans and we were picked up by a Safarilink Caravan.


The 1 hour 20 minute flight took us over some of the most stunning countryside in Kenya.  The views over herds of elephant, zebra and giraffe were truly unforgettable.  The flight took us over the Rift Valley and up onto the Laikipia plateau before landing, somewhat bumpily, directly into the Enasoit airstrip.

Enasoit is a private wildlife reserve on the world-famous Laikipia plateau, at the foot of Mount Kenya and set within a natural wildlife corridor.

Our reception at Enasoit by our hosts Peter and Lulu was as warm as the hot sun beating down around us and we immediately knew we had arrived somewhere exceptional.

Taken straight to the central mess area for welcoming drinks each and every one of us was blown away by the classic elegance and homely nature of this property.  For many years the private residence of a Norwegian family who still own and holiday at Enasoit, it truly is a beloved home from home. Most members of staff have been with the family for 10+ years and their passion and dedication to the family and their jobs is tangible, smiles are broad and nothing is too much trouble.

2014-06-24 20.26.05

Sitting in front of the mess area spectacular scenes unfolded. Who would ever need television again when such incredible natural dramas unfold in your own front garden.  Like scenes from the making of  ‘The Lion King’, elephant, zebra, giraffe and secondary actors emerge from stage left and right as if beckoned by some invisible director.

enasoit waterhole 2 enasoit giraffe 2

The décor too portrays the owner’s Scandinavian roots with lovely colonial antiques, stunning textiles, furs, family photos and rainbow bunches of locally grown roses adorning every surface.  It feels as if you have stumbled on a royal hunting lodge from a bygone era.

enasoit mess enasoit mess 2 enasoit roses

Small and perfectly formed Enasoit Camp accommodates up to 12 adults in 6 double / twin en-suite tented cottages each situated within its own grounds spreading out from the central mess tent.  There are then another two additional rooms near the pool which can accommodate four additional people.

enasoit room 2 Enasoit 2012-15.1wildlife103

On inspecting our individual rooms we found that each is cleverly designed using canvas and natural materials, with wooden floors, a fireplace and a private veranda with a comfortable seating area for morning tea and remarkable game viewing.

enasoit dinnerwildlife107

It was the end to a most perfect day’s safari when after a most charming home cooked dinner you are led back to your cottage to be greeted by a roaring fire and most comfortable of beds complete with fur encased hot water bottle.  It did not take long to be lulled to sleep by the soft padding and occasional snuffle of lions on guard right outside the tent.


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