Ethiopia – hotel reviews

We visited a number of hotels throughout our stay which I have reviewed below.
Raddison Blu – this is a new hotel and is great. The staff were fantastic, the rooms very comfortable and it was perfectly located in th centre of the city
Kuriftu Resort – We stayed at the Kuriftu Lodge which is right on the lake and has a very relaxing ‘resort’ feel to it.  It is popular with Ethiopians coming up from Addis for the weekend.  The food was very good & the foot massage was out of this world!! They also had wifi.
Abay Minch Lodge – This lodge is located on the outskirts of Bahir Dar and is delightful and great for people on a lower budget.   It was set in 3 hectares of gardens which had mangoes, papaya and avocados hanging from the trees.  The only downside of this lodge was that you don’t have a view of the lake but it is about half the price of Kuriftu and is very good for the price.  We did’t sample any of the cuisine though.
We stayed at Mayleko lodge which was recently opened and absolutely lovely.  The only negative was that it didn’t have wifi but apart from that it was lovely. The rooms were lovely & spacious and the setting 5 mins outside of town was very peaceful.  The food was very good & the staff were really friendly & efficient.  It is located near the airport so useful to get to the morning flight for Axum.
The Goha hotel is a government owned hotel but undergoing a refurbishment (don’t hold your breath though….the few rooms that had been refurbished were nothing to write home about!)  its got stunning views of Gondar from its vantage point on top of the hill but the rooms were small although very reasonable.
We also visited the brand new Gondar Landmark hotel which is a large, impersonal hotel but good value if you want to be in town.
Yeha hotel – this is a very dated government hotel but it has lovely views & the food was pretty good.  It had far more character than the hotel we stayed at which is called the Sabean hotel.
The Sabean hotel was fine for an overnight stay but could have been any hotel anywhere in the world!
The Mountain View Hotel where we stayed was great.  It had amazing views & very good food. They also had complementary wifi in the reception area.  The rooms were simple but comfortable rooms & this is probably the best option for Lalibela.
Tukul village – This is a Dutch/Ethiopian hotel with round rooms.  The rooms are nicer than the rooms at MVH but lack the amazing view…although the first floor ones have a good view.
The iconic Ben Abeba Restaurant is due to open four rooms later this year.  These will be well worth keeping an eye on as they looked stunning from the CGIs we saw.  They are going to be built into the rockface & have the most stunning views from the mountain top.


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