Day 4 – Naibor

I was joined at Naibor by my husband who had flown out to meet me for the remainder of the trip.  I hadn’t been to Naibor for nearly 4 years so it was great to catch up on the camp & the team.

Our room

The new addition of the wooden floored mess area created a lovely light, airy lounge area which was perfect for chilling & going online with the surprisingly strong wireless (far faster than mine in rural Wiltshire!)


Lunch was a deliciously light salad & yummy home made pizza under the trees overlooking the Talek river.  The beauty of Naibor is that you are right in the heart of the action.  Within yards of the camp we had come across elephants, lion, topje and buffalo and a hippo wallowing in the smallest puddle of mud!  We had been thoroughly spoilt within 15 minutes of our drive!



The rest of the drive was quite quiet but the Mara provides such a stunning backdrop that we were more than happy just to take in the vast open plains & huge skies…..just bliss!


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