Day 3 – Enasoit, Laikipia

There was quite a welcoming committee out to greet me at Enasoit.  Over 100 animals were taking their mid-day refreshment at the watering hole in front of the camp.

Enasoit watering hole

I almost felt like I was watching a film rather than real life as the view  was so unbelieveable!

Giraffe at Enasoit

Mabel their pet Ostrich was also keen to meet the new guest.

Mabel, Enasoit

Both Tusitiri and Enasoit are owned by a Norwegian family and until very recently Enasoit was their Kenyan home.  It has an understated elegance which makes you feel very at home.  Their interiors are very stylish but designed for a family rather than having the staged interiors of a property designed for tourists.  Peter & Karen Glover are the managers at Enasoit and are the perfect combination of being great fun, excellent raconteurs and very welcoming making you feel at ease immediately.  It seems that they have become part of the family and they make you feel the same.

Watering hole at Enasoit

Enasoit has 6 tents on wooden platforms and two thatched rooms at the pool which is a 5 minute drive away. The tented rooms were initially built as temporary rooms but the owner liked them so much he decided to abandon his plans to build a house & keep the rooms instead….I can see exactly why!

Bedrooms at Enasoit


As Enasoit is only available on an exclusive use, it means that the guests can choose excactly what they want to do when.   The ranch itself is 4500 acres but they also have traversing rights to go onto the two neighbouring ranches as well so there are limitless options for exploring.  I would have been quite happy to sit & enjoy the game water hole all afternoonbut I had the ardous task of experiencing the most heavenly massage by their beautician…..sometimes this job is so hard!


After my massage we ventured out on a game drive and quickly encountered a herd of over 30 elephants.   We were treated to lots of other game including Oryx, giraffe, Zebra before enjoying some sundowners overlooking the ranch.


Sundowners at Enasoit

Before I left the next morning, I had the great priviledge of meeting another of Enasoit’s colourful pets….Ziggy the Zebra.  Yes I even matched my outfit to hers!

Ziggy the Zebra at Enasoit

Enasoit is asbolutely ideal for a large group looking  for complete privacy and flexibility.   You can choose exactly what you would like to do when there and the game is so prolific around the main mess area that there is almost no need to go on game drives!  This would be a perfect place to come with young children who maybe don’t have the ability to sit for hours in safari vehicles as through the Enasoit pets and the game surrounding them they can experience so much at the main lodge without even getting in a car.   However for those who are keen to venture further afield they can charter the owner’s helicopter to explore Mt Kenya or Northern Kenya…..maybe next time I’ll be lucky enough to experience this!!


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