Day 2 – Tusitiri dhow, Lamu

Day 2 started with a refreshing swim across to the sand bar off which we were moored.  What was supposed to be a relaxing little swim turned into a full on work out when I realised the current was so strong I was going to miss the dhow & end up out to sea!

Lulu & I ventured into Lamu which was fascinating.   I have travelled extensively around Kenya but never to Lamu & was really amazed by the fact that such a mix of people live so close to each other in relative harmony.  I also couldn’t believe the number of donkeys that you encounter when wandering around the narrow roads.


Once back on Tusitiri John decided it was time to show Tusitiri in all its full glory with its sails up.  It was then that I realized why they needed 14 staff….!  Getting a 1000sq foot sail up manually was a serious operation but once it was up it was an incredible sight to see.

Tusitiri sailing

There is something truly magical about sailing along on a magnificent vessel  whose concept has changed little over hundreds of years.

Putting up the Tusitiri sail

We travelled around the back of Lamu island through the mangrove channel to Kizingoni beach.  Tusitiri use Kizingoni beach as a mooring during a 3 day safari and use it as a base to go off exploring, snorkeling, fishing and even on a safari to the Amu Conservancy … – community owned and run programme which is supported by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Searching for pansy shells

A delicious lunch of fresh crab caught that morning was the perfect send off for my 24 hours in Lamu.

Tusitiri is perfect for groups or families who want a really unique adventure and have a sense of fun.  I felt very privileged to have experienced such a stunning, huge vessel which is so traditional and which hasn’t changed for centuries.  Tusitiri really is a work of art and with her Zanzibari antiques, Swahili textiles and incredible seafood few on-board experiences can replicate the historical tradition of boat travel as beautifully.

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